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Steve Wheeler on PL Everything Part 1

I am reading Steve Wheeler lately and have learned much from his insights on PLE's, PLN's, PWT's and now CLE's, for those who know me, that is not Collaborative Learning Environments....but to Steve "Cloud Learning Environments"

Steve's Conceptual Diagram's of Interest

Defining the Environment is essential in Steve's ideas and I appreciate the simplicity and framework he uses. Now of interest is how we make explicit the need to weave social, environmental and economic justice into the essential character of learning.

From "Learning with e's"
Anatomy of A PLE Post

Physiology of a PLE Post

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Monday, August 23, 2010

@debwhite I will be in Orono t...

@debwhite I will be in Orono tomorrow-all day and into eve, meetings with Ed and Gail in the afternoon, and TA- what is your schedule like?

@timbuckteeth This is an excel...

@timbuckteeth This is an excellent resource! Thank you Steve! Any case studies on learning collectives running -k-12 that showcase?

From PLN to PLEcology

Thoughts on teaching PLN's this fall. To what end does the PLN come and are we missing a vital piece for the 21st century?  Do we encourage the pre-service teacher|teacher|student|individual to merely to build a community of net-based realities in hopes that they find outlets for there passion to help better their society, economy, and environment?  Perhaps we encourage personal learning environments (indeed I have read the disagreements on PLN v PLE) that add a reality of tools and tech systems to there deliberation on learning.

I like this diagram on the PLN|PLE confluence:

The conversation I want to have with the world about learning asks the fundamental question, “what can we do to prepare young people for the social, economic, and environmental problems they collectively face now and will face in exponential order in the future?” My answer builds on the work of 19th and 20th century educational progressives while embracing 21 century web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies, emerging theory and praxis on learning modalities, pioneering work in business and economics, and systems thinking that takes the the individual into the heart of experiential place based and international learning; a new set of learning spaces that allows the individual learner to gain the essential skills needed to fundamentally shift humanities course through rigorous pure and applied learning experiences:  a personal learning ecology.

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How can new eLearning ecologi...

How can new eLearning ecologies k-20 accomplish this? RT @timbuckteeth: Intuitive and intelligent informal learning?

@KateElmes what ever happened...

@KateElmes what ever happened to your support in NetGen developer KE, I also seek updates on the Congo! Are you traveling this year?

@KateElmes Kate Elmes of Le...

@KateElmes Kate Elmes of Lesley in Cambridge, the one who I respect without question, and mentally slaved for administering an IS !

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Where are the Mahara apps? hav...

Where are the Mahara apps? have portfolio up.... Need native app for mLearning

Workng on mLearning integratio...

Workng on mLearning integration with Global Civ. Interested in further use of Evernote and Qik in particular

Mahara instances this year: ht...

Mahara instances this year: and

Kristina, a clarification.......

Kristina, a clarification....I am *going into my fourth year* with Mahara, having integrated it in early 2007!

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RT @timbuckteeth: RT @kylepace...

RT @timbuckteeth: RT @kylepace: Making Videos On The Web: A Guide For Teachers by @rmbyrne

@debwhite Deb, I need to touch...

@debwhite Deb, I need to touch base with you re ECE tech integration.....let me know times that might work!

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Just added my twitter must fol...

Just added my twitter must follows for EDT 400 PLN final Project: From Siemens and Wheeler, to Betts and White......

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Personal learning communities, networks, and personal web technologies, a nexus for learning in the 21st century.  Steve Wheeler is smart, effective and interesting.

"Smart Technologies will take the classroom into the world"-Wheeler

I hope that smart technologies contribute to the  elimination of the classroom, as the world needs dynamic, brave, young people today who can take control to teach and learn in an ongoing conversation with the world. How adults mentor these young people in these new learning ecologies is of much interest to me right now.

Still working with Mahara! 4 ...

Still working with Mahara! 4 years and counting....Now integrating into post secondary. Excited for 1.3

Found the course

Found the course

Working on Global Civ and EDT ...

Working on Global Civ and EDT 400 concurrently....need to find the course that George Siemens tweeted on awhile back TK? looked excellent