Networked Learning Ecology North America (NLENA)

NLENA is  made up of connected learners from different parts of Maine and the world who design, meet, and act together in blended online spaces and face to face interactions on academic, artistic, and other pursuits. These interactions are connected via a mesh of online and physical learning experiences that form a learning ecology. This learning framework enables a wide range of dynamic projects that blend individual and group collaboration and act in confluence with multiple learning endeavors and learning communities at one time. The learning mesh that forms between these learners and their communities enables local and global initiatives focused on  systems thinking, sustainability, and international collaboration.

Firefly Farm (2006-)

An ongoing project located on our families land in the Sheepscot Watershed, Maine USA.  My wife, two boys, a couple of Australian shepherds, and various other animal variations will launch a Berry/Herb/Vegetable Farm and Place based Educational hub in 2012. The wild work of organic farming, salamander searches, and visioning for a sustainable living network are well underway.

Midcoast Model United Nations (2007-).

Hybrid work with wordpress, Mahara system for teaching, learning, fund-raising, outreach for international studies.

Projects Archive

Institute for Global Civic Culture (2010-2011)

IGCC was a non profit organization which supported the ideation, research, development and deployment of new learning ecologies. Focused on the individual and our interconnected world, the institute had a vision of uniting young people throughout the world through rigorous, socially relevant and collaborative learning spaces. The Global Civ Pilot program will continue as a program of NLENA.


Served as System Admin for this Mahoodle: Extensive use of Mahara to 1.2 with students in an integrative format and fully engaged ePortfolio assessment framework. I brought Moodle and Mahara to this high school in 2007 and integrated both into my social sciences courses: World History, World Regional Geography, World Studies: Globalization|Self|Humanity, and Model United Nations.

sakai.midcoastlearningcollective (2009-).

Sakai installation, in Teaching and Learning beta. Will Sakai 3....

Northern Wildlands Learning Center (1998-2000).

Leadership initiatives center based in Haines, Alaska

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