Friday, March 11, 2011

Yong Zhao on Educational Risk and the Reason to Deschool

From: Yong Zhao » Blog Archive » A Nation At Risk: Edited by Yong Zhao. (n.d.). Yong Zhao. Retrieved March 11, 2011, from

Indicators of the Risk

The educational dimensions of the risk before us have been amply documented in materials read by this editor. For example:

Time to Deschool

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  1. Money is an issue, and it sadly it seems like it will always be the issue. If someone had told me that "America spends $1.1 billion dollars per year testing their children" I probably wouldn't have believed it, that is a crazy amount of money! And what does this testing truly do? Well for me, it made me hate tests, which lead to test anxiety. I didn't learn anything from taking these tests, instead my teachers only taught me what was on the tests. My mom is a Principal and she is struggling to get the district to allow her to start up a Pre-K at the school. The district says they do not have the funding right now for a Pre-K! I find that to be a sad excuse, no funding for a child's education? Instead we are spending "$1.1 billion dollars" on testing, not on Pre-K programs! Those are definitely some scary facts.