Thursday, March 25, 2010

How are we hearing young people?

How do you hear young people? 

This morning my boys were in beautiful chaos, you all know it, chaos.  My response to this state of affairs was serendipitous. 

I smiled.  I deeply smiled about their chaos; and it was stunning.  Not stunning because I shun chaos, quite the opposite.  Stunning because I noticed and was so exhilarated.

Then, I started to think about my interactions with young people day in day out, project to project and their chaos.  I need to appreciate it more.  I certainly honor young people in spaces where the messiness of learning is very obvious. But I will now be listening to their chaos for what it is, youth energy, laughter, and yes soul. 

Let's work tirelessly to create learning spaces where we can hear young people. When we hear young people we learn so much. 

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